Features and Benefits


  • Safe  – 5 amp auto-resetting circuit breaker
  • Easy to use (4 button Remote)
  • Fast – average 1 trailer per minute
  • Fun – remote controlled
  • Convenient – compact size fits anywhere
  • Affordable – $200 dollars cheaper than any other remote controlled tester on the market
  • Guaranteed – 1 year
  • Reliable – use to test over 100 trailers before recharging is necessary with older incandescent lights and more than 500 with the new LED technologies.
  • Powerful – test two trailers in series at the same time
  • Versatile – use to repair lights and ABS and/or just check the  condition of a trailer safety lights before loading time to prevent excess wasted hours by the truck driver who is waiting for the lights to be fixed after his pre-trip check before he gets on the road.
  • Pays for itself in less than 4 hours of its use. Example: hooking a truck up to the trailer cost gas and man hours. Consider moving a semi to each trailer and hooking it up will take at least 10 to 15 minutes per trailer. The mechanic might be able to hook a truck up to 6 trailers and test them in one hour.  If he hooks up to trailers for 20 hours @ an overhead of $30/hour thats $600 to test 6 trailers x 20 hours, a total of 120 trailers for $600 compared to a selling price $425. With this tester, you can easily test the running lights, clearance lights, license plates light and ABS on 120 trailers in 4 hours @ 2 minutes a trailer. That’s 4 hours to test 120 trailers, saving 16 hours. 16hours saved x $30/hr=$480 compared to the selling price of $425. Thats half a weeks worth of work in 4 hours.    It is easy to see the financial advantage  during hard economic times when time is money could not be more important,
  • Safety  is our number one concern. Having fewer accidents on the road because your fleet has had the lights checked more frequently. CSA scores improve, insurance rates go down, fewer stopped and/or ticketed vehicles by DOT.


  • Rotating On/Off Switch to prevent accidentally turning on the tester.
  • Padded case for Commercial Semi-Trailers so you do not bang your head while testing and easier storage.
  • Overload (short) indicator.
  • Extra remotes available for $25.