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The Commercial EZ Trailer Lights Tester is designed for the professionals in the Tractor Trailer industries.  Tractor trailer repair professionals as well as the independent truck driver. This device has consistently tested  30 trailers in one hour. Easily helps one man operator check all his trailer lights and ABS in one easy walk around. Enough power to light up multiple trailers at the same time. Also includes 2 wireless remotes.

This unit includes an easy to handle and store soft case carrying bag. Water resistant insulated bag prevents head injuries when doing the walk around. No Tractors need to be hooked up to test the trailers.

This heavy duty unit comes with a 7 amp hour sealed lead acid battery and charger. Provides enough power to test up to 100 trailers between charges and many more if the trailers use LED lighting technologies.

Has an overload indicator in case of a shorted line and a 5 amp reset-able circuit breaker. Easy to use, light weight, compact design will make your task many times easier. Will pay for itself within the first 10 hours of usage.

One year warranty against Manufactures defects.

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